Are Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Compatible Because of Their Zodiac Signs? Their Signs During Divorce

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner seemed great together when they started dating in 2016. The Jonas Brothers singer and Game of Thrones actress continued their family after marrying in 2019, attracting fans as endgame material.

Fans wondered if their zodiac signs affected their compatibility after Joe unexpectedly divorced four years later.

Joe Jonas' Zodiac Sign? Joe, a Leo, was born August 15, 1989. Born under the fiery sign of the Lion, persons born under this sign are noted for taking leadership in relationships.

Leos demand career and relationship control. This sign dislikes authority figures because they want to be the alpha, according to Thought Catalog. “They fight anyone who tries to take their power.”

Sophie Turner's Zodiac Sign? Sophie, born February 21, 1996, is a Pisces, unlike her ex-husband. Pisces love deeply and are emotional. Pisces are nurturers, but some see them as lazy dreamers.

The England native says he knew Joe was “the One” after meeting him. She “wept” at her apartment after he left after a night out with friends.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Zodiacs: Compatible? Joe and Sophie, both Leos and Pisces, had diverse personalities, but their relationship was difficult. 

Astrologer Kerry Ward told Women's Health, "Coupled with Pisces' infamous (over) sensitivity, this relationship could involve a LOT of tears." 

 Leo's fiery impulses and Pisces' delicate nature can clash. Communication is essential for this astrological connection, according to the astrologer.

When did Joe Jonas marry Sophie Turner? After almost a year together, Joe proposed to Sophie in October 2017. The couple married in Vegas following the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and in France later that year.

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