Based on your zodiac sign, what sort of burger are you?

Competitive cardinal fire Aries is the first zodiac sign. The Whopper is a gourmet flame-grilled symbol of wanting to be first.

ARIES : The Burger King Whopper

Taurus people are wicked and bougie; they want worldly pleasures, additional cheese, and hotel room upgrades.

TAURUS Gold standard burger

Castor and Pollux, the fabled twins, embody the duality in all people and Gemini. Jon Basso's career, proprietor of Las Vegas' Heart Attack Grill, is a prime illustration of polarization.

GEMINI Triple Bypass Burger

Cancerians have an acute and rose-colored nostalgia for the past since they rule the fourth house of home and root systems.

CANCER The Shackburger

Lions despise second place, and Pennsylvania-bred Leo Jim Delligatti was inspired to introduce the Big Mac to his franchise menu by competition.

LEO Big Mac

Virgos are unfairly portrayed as sensitive, meticulous squares who are picky about cleanliness and judgemental about everything else.

VIRGO White Castle burger

Libra is the zodiac's undisputed diplomat, ruling the seventh house of partnerships, contracts, legal binds, handshakes, and hand jobs.

LIBRA Ray’s Hell Burger

Minneapolis' famous Juicy or Jucy Lucy burger is controversial and warned against.

Scorpio Lucy Ju(i)cy

Sagittarius ruled the ninth house of travel, philosophy and expansion, the domain of riches, open minds and the open road. 

SAGITTARIUS The Ramen Burger

Capricorn's commitment to excellence and accomplishment, regardless of popularity.


Aquarius people, who are visionaries but lack empathy, often feel superior to others.

AQUARIUS Superior Burger

Pisces is controlled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions, and Beyond Burger's redheaded CEO, Ethan Brown, dared to dream of vegan fast food

PISCES Beyond Burger

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