Cowboys are being urged to make a blockbuster trade for rival $33 million star.

The Dallas Cowboys have already made one recent trade with the San Francisco 49ers and are now under pressure 

to make another move that is far more significant than trading a fourth-round pick for Trey Lance.

 Analyst Voch Lombardi proposed a bizarre scenario in which the Cowboys pursue a trade for pass rusher Nick Bosa, who is at odds with the Niners front office over his next contract.

"Ian Rapoport called into the 'Pat McAfee Show,' and whenever Ian Rapoport says anything, you know, we just have to listen to what Ian Rapoport says,"

"And Ian Rapoport said two things that just made me think about it." One, he claims that neither side is close, and I said, 'hmmmmm.'

 But you know what, you can't be near, but something will be imminent by the end of preseason or something. 

"Then Ian Rapoport said nothing is on the horizon... Boy, I started thinking about Nick Bosa. And then I remembered Nick Bosa of my favorite Dallas Cowboys.

.Whatever you're willing to pay for Chris Jones, I know you're willing to pay for Nick Bosa, I feel you, but I have to ask."

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