Dog Breeds Thought to Be the Healthiest

Looking for the perfect canine companion? It's the ultimate happy decision, tinged with sadness. After all, we can't keep our animal companions forever! 

But what if we could extend and improve their time with us? Is there such a thing as an 18-year-old dog? Yes, there are - meet the poodle and Shih Tzu breeds!

Of course, it's not always just about choosing a long-living breed; you'll also realize how important a proper diet and exercise regimen are for some dogs,

such as Dachsunds, in order to guarantee they stay healthy over those many happy years together.

So, are YOU ready to find out which fur baby checks all the requirements for a lifelong partner and an eternal bond? Continue reading to begin your canine scouting mission!

The Bergamasco is considered "robustly healthy" by the AKC since they are not predisposed to health problems due to their breed. 

Though it is recommended that they have hip and elbow evaluations, they are usually healthy canines.

Bergamascos have many characteristics that complement their dreadlock coat, such as being fun-loving and only resorting to violence as a last resort.

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