The astrological signs with the finest advise, ranked

The world's leaders? Not Virgos, who discreetly control everything and keep trains on time. Volunteer to give their finest advice and watch them shine.


Find a supportive shoulder to lean on and whisper platitudes elsewhere. Cap can calmly detach and solve any situation in a crisis.


Call the nearest Pisces if you want a sympathetic ear, not a life advice lecture. They will provide a safe outlet with empathy and care.


Like Cap, an Aquarian's free-thinking spirit may zoom out of a difficulty and give you the broad picture perspective you need to overcome your pity party and pull yourself together in a crisis.


Scorpios can provide the safe space you need to heal from life's blows. They are also queens of retaliation, so whoever put you down should sleep with one eye open.


Aries have a mommy bear mentality toward the other zodiac signs, so they tell you to calmly listen and then fight your issues for you.


Patient, polite, and empathetic, Taureans may not know how to save the world, but their conversations are free of I-told-you-sos, even if it's your twentieth sorrow in the same blow-hot-blow-cold relationship.


You never know what a Gemini will do due to their split identities. They go from cleaning up your tears and running errands for backup Kleenex to giving you harsh love and telling you to get over yourself.


Though your heart hurts, a Cancer is bleeding. Their caring and compassionate nature has your best interests in mind, even if they're overprotective.


The pair is headstrong but typically on the same page. Fire signs Aries and Leo love extravagant gestures and respect each other's go-getter romance. Avoid 72 hours of unclear texting before a second date or “orbiting” without an end. 

 Leo and Aries

The fire sign Sagittarius is one of Leo's finest partners due to their incredible physical chemistry. These two are energetic and loving like golden retrievers. 

Leo and Sagittarius

This is a brave choice considering zodiac compatibility is normally determined by element first (fire signs are always No. 1 for other fire signs, etc.). However, the combination of air sign Gemini and fire sign Leo may be the finest zodiac match for Leo. 

Leo and Gemini

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