The ideal belly fat-loss workout takes 1 hour every 2 days (not weightlifting).

Before starting the routine, learn about abdominal fat and weight loss. Recent research suggests a simpler solution to the problem of burning too many calories.

We typically think cutting calories will help us lose weight, but this is not true. Reducing calorie intake doesn't work since our metabolic system adapts, which may cause further weight gain.

Sugar to fat is the key lifestyle change needed to lose fat. Insulin can do this. High insulin levels limit fat burning, but low insulin levels allow the body to burn fat for energy.

Only carbs cause considerable insulin levels among protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Reducing carbs can lower insulin levels and help you lose weight.

Walking, you heard right. Just walking can reduce belly fat. The following explains why walking helps lose abdominal fat.

Fat Burning Zone: Start walking slowly to efficiently burn fat. With 30 minutes of walking, you can burn fat. Fat will be used as energy at this point.

Benefits of walking include reduced stress levels due to lower cortisol levels. It also clears adrenaline, which may impair weight reduction.

Set a Steps Goal: Aim for 8000 to 10,000 steps daily. Reaching this will advance your weight loss efforts. Walking also lowers insulin levels, making fat burning simpler.

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