This Is The Creepiest Thing About Each Zodiac

You're constantly thinking about death. You wonder what would happen if you walked in front of a moving automobile on your way to class,


You're a creep. You could lose track of time scrolling through Instagram and TikTok sites. 


You're an expert liar. You can invent stories out of thin air and force people to believe them. Sometimes you just lie for the sake of lying. Just to test if you can pull it off. 


You become obsessed. When you start dating someone, they become your entire world. You're the type of person 


You sometimes imagine your own funeral. You can guess who will arrive first. Who would be the most upset? 


You're a sweet little angel during the day, but when it comes to sex fantasies at night, you have some strange thoughts. Things that make you wish you weren't turned on by them.


Your YouTube, Wiki, and Netflix history is unsettling. You've seen some disturbing material. If the government ever gets its hands on your computer, they might mistake you for a serial killer.


Toxic thoughts enter your mind at random. When you're holding a baby animal, you consider how easily it could be crushed.


Without shedding a single tear, you could look someone in the eyes and inform them that their old grandmother died. Sometimes you don't feel your feelings the way you should. Sometimes you're just numb.


You arrange your friends' and family members' deaths. It's not that you intend to harm them. It's just a mental workout.


You've probably considered what you'd say at your mother's, father's, or closest friend's funeral more than once


When you daydream, you imagine scary scenarios, such as what might happen if someone tried to harm the people you care about. 


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